Oli Vibrators & Flow Aids
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OLI Australia (OLI) supplies a range of quality electric and pneumatic vibrators and flow aids. OLI has been synonymous with the supply of energy efficient and high quality motovibrators for many years and is considered to be the leading brand of vibrators throughout the world. Our global brands are OLI VISAM &COVIBRASo if you are looking for a solution to your flow problems or looking for compaction to increase productivity or in the throes of designing new vibratory equipment give us a call or visit our website olivibra.com for all your vibratory needs. Our off the shelf electric range from 4Kg fc to 26000Kg fc consisting of 2468 &10 Pole models together with our extensive range of Pneumatic Vibrators and Flow Aids we are sure to have the solution for you.

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Mark Thompson
7 Jellico Drive Scoresby Vic 3179 Australia
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PO Box 9088 Scoresby Vic 3179
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