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Jenike & Johanson is the world’s leading technology company for bulk material handling, processing, and storage. We deliver engineered solutions to achieve reliable bulk solids flow based on proven theories and decades of project experience. With our skilled and highly technical team of experts and industry-leading innovations, we have successfully delivered bulk material engineering solutions for over 55 years.
Decisions made during the feasibility and engineering stages of a project are critically important for its success. If bulk solids systems are not engineered from the outset to handle the unique characteristics of the materials, process start-up time can be significantly delayed and design capacity may never be reached. Thus, bulk material flow properties are at the core of all Jenike & Johanson’s work. Clients are offered maximum flexibility in selecting services required to meet their bulk material handling needs.
Jenike & Johanson is confident we can help you achieve your bulk material project goals promptly using a proven and science-informed approach and not a “one size fits all” concept.

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Corin Holmes - Director / Operations Manager
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