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Editorial Guidelines

Installation or application stories
The editor’s favourite. Send him a write-up of how your technology or equipment is/was used in a customer’s facility. It doesn’t need to be perfect. The editor can ‘work-up’ rough notes or dot points. If confidentiality is an issue, the client can remain nameless.

A news story
The editor has a thirst for news. So drop him a line if you have: a new product or technology or a new way of using an old one; a new office, plant, factory or piece of equipment; a new staff member or executive; a new distribution or agency arrangement; a significant contract or sale; an award or recognition.

Good quality pictures
Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. So, for good print reproduction, send individual jpg files of at least 500KB each and preferably 1 or 2 MB each. Include a caption for each picture.

A technical article
The editor is looking for high quality technical articles on bulk handling technologies and techniques. Peer review by ABHR’s panel can add extra credibility. Don’t submit sales pitches, corporate profiles, or marketing brochures; they won’t be published.

An opinion piece
Got strong views on an issue? Set out your ideas in an article or work with the editor to develop one. Done well, this can build your profile in the industry.
Question and answer (Q&A) interview with the editor
A good way to get across your message is via a Q&A interview with the ABHR editor, done either over the phone or via email.

When in doubt, talk to the editor
Got something to say but not sure how to proceed? The editor can advise you your best way forward. Where appropriate, he can also write an article on your initiative or development based on a short telephone interview.

All editorial is selected on its merits and inclusion is at the editor’s discretion.

Editor: Charles Macdonald,
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Contact Number – +61 2 9994 8086

National Sales Manager: Patrick Roberts,
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Contact Number – +61 450 928 798